“You already have a lot on your plate when you work as a physician. However, you also don’t cease to be a doctor even when you clock out. If your care is necessary, you have no choice but to show up. So, if you have some time off for yourself, you will make the most of it. Furthermore, being in this career can be financially rewarding. Even if it takes too much from your time, you will still get a lot in return. Therefore, many people decide to pursue a career in this field despite the challenges because they know it would be worth it.”

The idea of getting a locum tenens post might be unappealing, given your current schedule. However, if you want to have a more flexible time, these jobs are more suitable for you.
– You can work for multiple hospitals
– You will improve your skills
– You will expand your network
– You can start a private practice

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Written by: Jack Martin