Physicians Play Key Role in Disseminating Vital COVID-19 Vaccine Information

The Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) made its way into the United States over one (1) year ago, and currently there are over 30M known cases with ~554K deaths reported. As we continue to battle this virus, Physicians are spending more time educating patients on the proper guidelines to follow to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Click the following link to learn more about the critical role that Physicians now play in disseminating vital information regarding the new Covid-19 vaccines to address patients’ questions and concerns.




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Effectively Collaborating with Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

Healthcare systems can benefit greatly from a well-established partnership between the facility’s Physicians and their team of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners play a vital role in the success of a healthcare facility and provide more flexibility for Physicians. Implementing a strong care team model to include PA’s and NP’s can assists healthcare facilities in providing a higher quality of patient care, while increasing revenue and lowering costs.


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Locum Tenens Provider Spotlight

Physician Spotlight – Dr. F

Specialty: Neonatology

Home State: North Carolina

Practicing Locum Tenens Since 2019


Getting To Know Dr. F:

Why did you first pursue locum tenens work?

I wanted to experience different places before deciding upon a permanent place to work.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it; locum work allows me to work flexibly, to get to know all kinds of people in the different hospital cultures, and take care of babies in a variety of settings from the lowest acuity to the highest.

Describe the most unique assignment you’ve worked.

The most unique assignment I have worked as a neonatologist is a tiny little rural newborn nursery.  I think it would surprise most people to see what some of these small places can do.  I have been consistently impressed by their ability to do a lot with relatively fewer resources compared to much larger centers.  It’s a lot of fun to spend time out there.

What medical advancements would you like to see in the next 5 years?

In general, I hope to see growth in local delivery of care to assist populations that don’t live near big cities or large tertiary care centers.  In the NICU specifically, I’d like to see even more advancement of less invasive respiratory and surfactant delivery techniques.

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Provider Medicare Payments Extensions and Relief Continues

Provider Medicare Payments Extensions and Relief Continues

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services started a Accelerated and Advance Payment Program when the pandemic hit as admissions and office visits dropped. Big industry groups are advocating for more relief as hospitals and providers continue to struggle during COVID-19. Provider Medicare payments extensions and relief continues as President Trump signed a continuing resolution on Thursday, October 1st to extend the advanced payments during the pandemic. The new law will give providers a year before CMS will recoup the advanced payments paid during the emergency period with lower interest rates, and more favorable repayment terms aiming to preserve quality of care.

While lawmakers are looking to loan forgiveness as a long term solution to the repayments, CMS is unlikely to budge. Some of the funds used to assist hospitals and providers were from Medicare trust funds unlike the Provider Relief Funds which were paid from the federal government. With a depleted trust fund, Medicare is unlikely to allow loan forgiveness and many providers are encouraged to pay off they advanced payments before they turn into overpayments and begin accruing interest. Once this happens, the Department of Treasury can get involved to recoup on providers unwilling to pay what is owed via their tax refunds, for example.

While large healthcare industry groups advocate for further relief, Congress has stalled on make progress on a bill since the CARES Act. Talks will continue admits the Presidential election and pandemic developments.


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Neurosurgeons Fight Medicare’s 2021 Proposed Fee Schedule

Neurosurgeons Fight Medicare's Payment CutsNeurosurgeons fight Medicare’s payment cuts to preserve quality and access to care in an already stressed health care system due to COVID-19.

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) and the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) are fighting the 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule proposed by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The uproar from the neurosurgery community comes from the estimated 7% payment cuts they will face at a time that our health care system is already under stressed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The reductions come from new policies for office and outpatient visits that the CMS will put into motion on January 1, 2021. The neurosurgery community argues that any cuts or changes to evaluation and management codes will compromise patient access to care and longer wait times.

According to Ann R. Stoink, MD, FAANS, a practicing neurosurgeon from Bloomington, Illinois, and chair for the AANS/CNS Washington Committee, states, “Now is not the time to reduce payments for surgical care, and if implemented as is, the Medicare payment rule will challenge an already fragile health care system.” Members from the Surgical Care Coalition and other groups are asking Congress to waive Medicare’s budget neutrality to prevent these cuts and to require that CMS apply an increase to the evaluation and management payments.

A survey conducted by the coalition found that: 74% of neurosurgeons are concerned about the finances of their practice. 38% have cut their own salary and 24% have taken on debt just to keep their doors open as a result of COVID-19. Over 76% are worried that they will have to cut employee’s salaries or permanently layoff employees.

“This was an ill-informed and dangerous policy for patients even before the pandemic started but could be even more detrimental as our health care system continues to weaken under COVID-19. If finalized, this proposal could result in neurosurgeons taking fewer Medicare patients leading to longer wait times and reduced access to care for older Americans, so Congress must act now to prevent this from happening,” Dr. Stroink concluded.

Source: Katie O. Orrico – American Association of Neurological Surgeons

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Honoring National Locum Tenens Week 2020

Honoring National Locum Tenens Week 2020

It’s National Locum Tenens Week and MD Staff Pointe recognizes locum tenens providers!

Irving, TX: MD Staff Pointe is honoring locum tenens providers and joining healthcare staffing agencies from across the industry in recognition of National Locum Tenens Week, August 10-14. “During unprecedented times of COVID-19, physicians are critical to the health of our population.  We must recognize the sacrifices they make on the front lines to help heal our family and friends” MD Staff Pointe’s mission to provide an experience to every candidate worth repeating is key to retaining their roster of physicians on assignment. National Locum Tenens Week occurs annually the second week in August. Led by the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations® (NALTO®), the program’s annual platform provides a forum to collectively recognize locum tenens doctors and the contributions made by staffing agencies to the U.S. healthcare industry.

About NALTO® ( The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations® (NALTO®) is the only professional association of temporary physician staffing firms committed to a code of ethics and to maintaining the highest industry standards.

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