With physicians in high demand and opportunities abound, many residents want to find the right job to begin their new career. Some of their top concerns about finding their first job are:

  • Earning a good income
  • Educational debt
  • Availability of free time
  • Insufficient practice management knowledge

Because of this, final-year residents are choosing to do locums for their first job which addresses their top concerns.

In our recent blog 7 Benefits of Becoming a Locum Tenens Provider we listed some of the benefits of becoming a locum tenens provider. Some of those include:

  • Access to better pay and can be a way to supplement your income while working a permanent job.
  • Improved work/life balance and flexibility in your work schedule.
  • Diverse work settings and opportunities to find out what you like or don’t like.
  • The chance to travel to new places and meet new people.

In addition to these awesome benefits, final-year residents get access to various opportunities for mentorship as well. 38% of residents feel unprepared to face the business side of their practice. Locums offer residents the chance to explore different opportunities to work with different people and learn first-hand how different practices are run. It also allows residents to work with different staff, peers, and understand different office politics without committing to a permanent job.

MD Staff Pointe specializes in hospital-based locums and is a strong source for those looking for locums for their first job. Whether it is your first time or if you’re looking for a change we can help.

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