Recent Wearable Medical Technology Innovations Helps During COVID-19 Pandemic

Wearable Medical Tech Helps COVID-19 fight by providing healthcare professionals with valuable data during the pandemic while preventing future spread. The latest wearables (which includes connected blood pressure monitors, continuous glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, and electrocardiogram monitors) are just the beginning of what is possible. According to ABI Research Wearables Analyst, Stephanie Tomsett,  “There are some exciting wearable deployments in place which are helping to track and monitor the spread of COVID-19,” and can help reduce unnecessary contact between medical staff and patients which helps reduce potential spread.

“Wearables have often been used in medical trials and to aid healthcare professionals to monitor the vitals of many patients simultaneously, both in and out of the hospital, with a focus on specific healthcare issues and the onset of COVID-19 is no exception,” says Stephanie Tomsett, Wearables Analyst at ABI Research.

MC10 BioStamp

Wearable medical technology comes in many forms today. MC10 Bio stamps (see  picture), smartwatches, activity trackers, and small wearable sensors are just some of the innovations that have flooded the market today. Some of these technologies act like a second skin which have circuits that collect power and provide insight and health data to physicians in and out of the hospital. Pairing these technologies with Telemedicine advancements provides us with higher quality healthcare at a distance like never before.

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