“The holidays are often a time for people to take a break from their professional lives and spend quality time with family. Hospitals often need additional coverage during this season to account for increased census and staff shortages, presenting opportunities for locum tenens providers. Since many permanent staff members want time off during the holidays, you may find a wider array of locum tenens opportunities from which to choose. This is especially beneficial if you are interested in practicing at a specific facility or want an assignment in a highly desirable destination. No matter your motivation for practicing, it can be challenging to be away from family and traditions. Here, we offer some suggestions to bolster holiday cheer when you’re working locum tenens during this season.”

  1. Bring along your traditions
  2. Local festivities
  3. Volunteer at a shelter or food bank
  4. Reunite with distant family and friends
  5. Bring your family along

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