Physician Spotlight – Dr. F

Specialty: Neonatology

Home State: North Carolina

Practicing Locum Tenens Since 2019


Getting To Know Dr. F:

Why did you first pursue locum tenens work?

I wanted to experience different places before deciding upon a permanent place to work.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it; locum work allows me to work flexibly, to get to know all kinds of people in the different hospital cultures, and take care of babies in a variety of settings from the lowest acuity to the highest.

Describe the most unique assignment you’ve worked.

The most unique assignment I have worked as a neonatologist is a tiny little rural newborn nursery.  I think it would surprise most people to see what some of these small places can do.  I have been consistently impressed by their ability to do a lot with relatively fewer resources compared to much larger centers.  It’s a lot of fun to spend time out there.

What medical advancements would you like to see in the next 5 years?

In general, I hope to see growth in local delivery of care to assist populations that don’t live near big cities or large tertiary care centers.  In the NICU specifically, I’d like to see even more advancement of less invasive respiratory and surfactant delivery techniques.

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