Specialty: Family Medicine/Emergency Medicine
Home State: North Carolina
Practicing Locum Tenens Since: 2022

Getting to Know Dr. D:

Why did you first pursue locum tenens work?
Flexibility. Having the ability to choose my schedule and spend time off to be able to do things with my grandchildren and family. Therefore, I am able to choose my schedule in advance that way I am able to attend family activities.

Describe the most unique assignment you’ve worked.
It was a small, critical access hospital with cow pastures on both sides. The patients were mainly farmers & coal miners – great people. During my time there, I had a 7 year old who twisted her leg on a carousel. She ended up having fractured her leg in 5 places. I splinted it immediately, with no pain medicine.

What medical advancements would you like to see in the next 5 years?
More telemedicine in the ER. Patients waiting in the waiting room for something simple/severe. Trios system – sicker patients get taken care of first.