“In the 2022 “Radiologist Lifestyle, Happiness and Burnout Report” from Medscape, 49 percent of radiologists reported burnout with radiology ranking eighth among 29 specialties. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on our communities and our practices. We are working longer shifts than ever before and the demands of our careers are often on a head-on collision course with our personal lives.
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What is my call to action? We are all responsible for addressing burnout as individuals and in our practices. As individuals, we can learn more about self-leadership, self-management and empathy and use our learning to address burnout within ourselves and how we interact with others. At our practices, we can approach burnout systemically, deploying strategies and tactics to take care of our colleagues in more intentional ways. Isolated and alone, burnout is a formidable foe. Together, we can overcome.”

Written By: Chris Mattern, M.D.

To access the full article: https://www.diagnosticimaging.com/view/conquering-burnout-in-radiology-practices