Airlines Encourage Face MasksWith U.S. travel reduced by 94% during the coronavirus pandemic, carriers have decreased their flying schedules to roughly 30% of normal this month. This means that the majority of planes are flying at near capacity. In response, the top three airlines, American, Delta, and United Airlines, encourage all passengers to wear face masks during travel to maintain health and safety.

To relieve worry, airline employees have been directed to encourage passengers & providers to wear face masks while traveling. Flight crew remind those flying to wear their face masks during the flight as much as possible to keep the public safe. Reuters quoted a United spokeswoman who said that any non-compliance by travelers would be addressed at the gate and that flight attendants had been counseled to use their “de-escalation skills” on the aircraft and to reseat any passengers as needed. “Once onboard and off the gate, the face-covering policy becomes more lenient. The flight attendant’s role is informational, not enforcement, with respect to the face-covering policy,” American told its pilots in a message.

This comes as a relief for the traveling physicians who are assisting the growing needs for nationwide hospital coverage during the coronavirus pandemic lean on the airlines to maintain public safety. The airline’s ‘encourage to comply’ policy is just one measure airlines are taking to make sure providers and passengers alike get to their destination safely.

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