It’s no secret that locum tenens physicians are in high demand. While you can likely find job opportunities on your own, the fact is acting as your own recruiter eats up valuable time when you could be working and making money. Moreover, doctors who don’t utilize recruiters might find themselves missing out on the best… Read more »

Hiring locum tenens means the opportunity to hit the ground running. After all, these doctors are experienced professionals who excel at taking on new roles and handling stress. Still, you can’t skip the onboarding process entirely if you want your new hires to be successful. The fact is that locum tenens workers are coming in… Read more »

If you currently live in one of the 18 states that falls under the new Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, you might be wondering if this option is right for you. MD Staff Pointe assessed the agreement to determine whether or not it could benefit our client physicians. Here’s what we uncovered: Understanding the Compact An… Read more »

A strange phenomenon is occurring in the healthcare industry. Around the country, nurses are calling in sick or leaving their jobs for other positions. The question healthcare facilities are asking is ‘why?’ While some nurses might just be seeking greener pastures, others are abandoning their workplaces due to verbal abuse on behalf of their fellow… Read more »

Just because you’re working as a locum tenens doesn’t mean you need to take out a private insurance policy for malpractice. In fact, many locum tenens recruiters provide coverage that can meet your needs. Learn more about the policy options for locum tenens physicians, along with tips for understanding your coverage. Understanding Occurrence vs. Claims… Read more »

In the medical industry, patients are more than just customers. They’re also people who are putting their health and sometimes even their lives in the hands of your employees. So, it’s only natural that hospitals and medical centers would want to do everything in their power to keep their patients satisfied. Here are some tips… Read more »

With longer hours becoming the norm, it’s no surprise that the average family is craving one thing: a nice, long vacation. If a trip out of town isn’t in your budget this year though, don’t give up on that dream. You might be able to score an all-expenses-paid vacation to a fantastic destination by taking… Read more »

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Just because you’re aspiring to a job as a locum tenens instead of a full-time physician doesn’t mean you can afford to skimp when it comes to your resume. On the contrary, a competitive locum tenens candidate needs a solid CV if she hopes to be considered for the best positions. Here are a few… Read more »

If you own or operate a healthcare facility, you know the decisions you make don’t just impact the bottom line – they also affect people’s live in a very real way. Similarly, the staffing choices you make now can help or hurt your facility, patients and employees down the line. Here are some reasons hiring… Read more »